Thoracic Spine Mobilization

More from Max as he gives us a short tutorial on how to get relief when we have again been sitting or looking down at our phone or tablet too much resulting in a tight back and neck.

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Max foam roller tutorial

Foam Rolling Tutorial for the Back

Back a little stiff after a long work week? Max gives us a short tutorial on how to use a foam roller to loosen up those back muscles after we have been sitting a lot or looking down at our phones too much.  

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12 Minutes – Low back and SI joint Stretches and Strength

Here we go! After being at home for weeks on end, digging into more projects, working from home in a dining room chair, increasing your exercise routine, sitting too much bingeing on Netflix or gardening more…. pick your poison but your backs are aching! Don’t forget to take care of yourself and get an adjustment […]

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13 minutes for hips knees & feet

13 Minutes for Knees, Feet, and Hips

Dr. Christine shares a short video going through exercises and stretches for your feet, knees, and hips in standing, sitting, and laying down positions for better accessibility. Joints need a balance of mobility and strength to work well for you. Give them some attention to keep them functioning well as you stay active! Back to […]

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