Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential,Oils at Natural Elements Health CenterAt Natural Elements Health Center we love our oils! Essential oils bring us a better quality of life, more fulfilling and vibrant than you have ever experienced.

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years as healing agents for many different ailments. Essential oils, in their pure state, offer several benefits from being antibacterial or antiviral, to relaxing your aches and pains, to helping you sleep.

Clinically, they have been shown to have profound influence on the central nervous system, helping reduce or eliminate pain, releasing muscle tension, and providing strong emotional support.

An essential oil is made from parts of flowers, herbs, and other plants. It is distilled down into a liquid form through a very long, precise method. Thus, the oil becomes 10 to 10,000 times more potent than the herb itself. Typically, the quality and cost are directly related to the care and precision of the company’s distillation process. You want your oil to be as pure as possible to get the therapeutic benefit of that oil. Some oils are made from a single plant, such as lavender, or many different plants are distilled and combined together to make a blended oil, or where several different herbs are put together to work synergistically.

Essential Oils at Natural Elements Health CenterChemically, the essential oil has a specific structure so it can quickly absorb and penetrate a cell membrane. Once it is in the cell membrane, it travels through the blood, lymphatic system, and other tissues, enhancing the overall energy and function of each cell. Therefore, your body runs more efficiently, giving it the right amount of energy and nutrients to heal itself.

We highly recommend that you use the purest and best quality oils, and that you know your distributor, because essential oils, in their truest form, can be very powerful.

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