Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy at Natural ElementsMany of us relate massage to the gentle stretching and relaxing of the muscles. But what many don’t know are all the other benefits that occur while you are relaxing peacefully on the table.

As your muscles melt upon the table, and your blood begins to flow more easily and rhythmically, the gentle flow helps the lymphatic system carry away inflammation, toxins, and other harmful molecules.

A variety of types of massage are available at Natural Elements Health Center. Each massage therapist has a unique style, and may have different skills and specialties as well. Hot stones may be used, as well as essential oils, to maximize your benefit during your session. If you can’t lie still for long, a half hour session may be a good fit for you, while others may prefer an hour long session.

Massage appointments are available at Natural Elements Health Center with Kendra, the Certified Massage Therapists on our staff.

New Patients: 
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