Nutritional Supplements

Diet and Nutrition can be confusing topics, with so much contradictory information coming at us.

Christine Schlenker, DC at Natural Elements Health Center has the knowledge and training to help you sort out what your body’s particular needs are through nutritional counseling.

Natural Elements Health Center has a full range of high quality nutritional products available as well, to help your good diet work even better for you.

Some of the brands we carry include: Metagenics, Nutri-Dyn, Standard Process, and a variety of others.

Our Commitment to You

The supplements I carry and recommend are handpicked based on my education and research. They are of the quality I demand for my own family.

To ensure safety and efficiency, all products we offer have passed rigorous testing for purity and quality. This means they are most likely to be effective at targeting your needs, and won’t contain contaminants like heavy metals, pcb’s or other poisons.

The supplement market is an unregulated wild west where companies are driven to provide cheap products, which often means they contain cheap, substandard ingredients. I won’t waste your time or treasure with products that are unlikely to help, or even worse—-could harm you.

Because I am committed to your health, and all supplements are not created equal. I can not attest to the safety or effectiveness of supplements obtained by other retailers.

Dr. Christine Schlenker