Taking Vitamin D3 with K2? – If not It’s Time!



Have you started taking your Vitamin D3?

If not it’s time to start up again for the Fall and Winter!

Especially with the start of School and spending more time indoors,

taking Vitamin D3 with K2 is essential for immune health.

5 Benefits of Vitamin D3 with K2:

Supports bone health

Supports healthy mood and stress levels

Supports skin tissues

Supports immune health

Supports cardiovascular health

Since Vitamin D3 is converted via the kidneys and liver, adding in the K2 allows the body to absorb the Vitamin D3 in a much more efficient way.

K2 is particularly important for people with chronic health issues causing nutrient malabsorption. 

An easy way to see if you may be deficient in Vitamin D, is by getting a blood test.

From there you can find a dosage that will benefit you and your needs most!

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