12 Minutes – Low back and SI joint Stretches and Strength

Here we go! After being at home for weeks on end, digging into more projects, working from home in a dining room chair, increasing your exercise routine, sitting too much bingeing on Netflix or gardening more…. pick your poison but your backs are aching!

Don’t forget to take care of yourself and get an adjustment if heat or ice packs and your stretching routine aren’t working! We’ve got additional safety measures in place and are going to continue to run our clinic with minimal contact between patients to make your visit run smoothly. We are scheduling the next couple of weeks and have room for you- so make sure to call in for an appointment, 320-983-2333.

In the meantime….stretch!
Grab a block, a strap and a yoga mat and join me in stretching your low back and SI joints. Practice a favorite strengthening activity for your lower body!

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