Christine Schlenker, D.C.

Dr. Christine Schlenker

Dr. Christine Schlenker began her chiropractic journey by helping her grandfather on Saturdays at his busy chiropractic office in Milaca, MN.  At a young age, she saw the excitement and passion he had for what he did as a chiropractor, how he helped so many people out of pain and suffering.  Through this she was inspired, knowing deep inside she wanted to be a chiropractor and healer in the Milaca community, too.

She attended St. Cloud State University for her pre-requisite courses, and ventured on to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, where she achieved her Bachelor’s in Human Biology and her Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Dr. Christine opened her chiropractic clinic, Natural Elements Health Center, in 2007 in her home town of Milaca, MN, and it has been one of the best things she has ever inspired herself to do.  To bring chiropractic, healing, and alternative health education back to the Milaca community has been an empowering experience.  Her approach in helping you heal includes giving you the all the information and tools to help you become an active participant on your healing path and in your own health decisions.

She takes a vitalist technique approach to care, which means believing the body is intelligent and strives to maintain balance.  Body balancing is accomplished by using a variety of techniques and listening to intuition to assist with the healing journey on what the body needs to help it achieve that stability and health.  The focus of treatment is placed on the aspects of the physical, chemical, emotional and energetic natures of the body.

Techniques used in treatments:
Diversified Chiropractic Manipulation
Activator Technique
Thompson Drop Technique
Active Release Technique
Craniosacral Therapy (certified since 2005)
Myofascial Unwinding
Acupuncture (certified since 2005)
Muscle testing with Applied Kinesiology
Natural Whole Food Nutrition Education (minimum 20 hours each year obtained)
Chakra Balancing
Energy/Acupuncture Meridian Balancing

Dr. Christine has also been fortunate to be allowed to work with the area midwives since 2009 and their clients during their home birth experience to assist with labor progression and healthy delivery of their babies.  She also loves working on babies and children that have experienced birth trauma or are having difficulties with nursing, reflux, not sleeping well, chronic ear infections, attention disorders, or their head shape is asymmetrical from a fast or difficult labor.

Dr. Christine lives north of Milaca with her husband, Noah, and their children, Sophie and Nate, plus two family dogs.  They enjoy growing their own vegetable garden, raising chickens and ducks, and learning more about becoming self-sustaining as a family.  They also enjoy camping and hiking together, especially along the North Shore and all across the country.  There is nothing better than being connected to the Earth and all it has to offer.  Dr. Christine maintains a healthy balance with cooking, yoga, and exercise. She also enjoys exploring her creativity with painting, flower gardening, beading and music in her spare time.

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