Inflammation **Info and Tips**

Do you have pain? Do you feel puffy and inflamed? What is your diet like? Room to improve, or do you feel like you are doing pretty well? Have you considered your DNA code may also have signs of poor anti-inflammatory skills internally? What does chronic inflammation do?

There is a science behind pain. I don’t know if it will ever be concrete because of all the amazing ways the brain pathways work, but knowing inflammation can be one of them is something to consider.

Why is inflammation happening? That can also have numerous contributors all the way from repetitive work, not enough physical work, sugar, tomatoes or potatoes (nightshade family), to thoughts and emotions, and so many more. Maybe it’s my age or my years learning from so many people, but how your body works is so interconnected and ever changing I don’t know if you can at any one time pinpoint exactly why something is happening. Anymore answering ‘I don’t know’ holds a lot more truth. But it is sure worth paying attention and trying to prevent any fast aging issues.

[Picture shown is Dr. Christine holding her favorite anti-inflammatory drink of Inflam-Eze with Dynamic Fruits and Greens Pink Lemonade.  Super quick and easy way to get in high levels of turmeric, antioxidants, and micronutrients specifically to target inflammation.  ****NEW TIP:  Mixing this in a shaker cup with lukewarm / warmer water**** is really stimulating to the digestion in a good way, especially in the winter when cold isn't desired.  It even cuts the 'grittiness' some complain about from the rice protein. How did it take me this many years to figure that out?!?!]

How do I know if I have inflammation?
* Pain
* Swelling in the tissues
* Mood imbalances
*Gut symptoms; bloating, IBS, constipation
*Weight gain
*Hormone imbalances, PMS
*Foggy brain
* and others

How can I check for inflammation or understand it better?
* Trial of nutrients that are anti-inflammatory such as diet or herbal supplements: we utilize muscle testing to determine a protocol
Inflam Eze Information- our favorite!

* Blood work: We can order from our office too!
* DNA testing: How do I find out my own DNA inflammatory markers?

Causes and Tips on Decreasing Inflammation:


How resilient can you remain in response to stressful events and actions? The number one self care aspect to incorporate can be meditation. Even 5 minutes in the morning and a few breaths at midday could change the wiring of your brain in response to stress. Repeating a mantra or phrase can also have immense biofeedback benefits in the response to negative self talk or action patterns. Forget willpower, get your mantra and breath going.

Need help with Meditation:


Most people need 5-8 hours of sleep per night and many kids and teens need about 12 hours. And more than the number of hours is the quality and the length and number of times your body can hit REM sleep. Wearing a FitBit or electronic watch a couple of times through the night to monitor your type of sleep can be helpful. I don’t recommend wearing them every night, but to gather information can be very helpful in correcting sleep issues and adjusting herbal remedies. Melatonin, herbs, and a night ritual of meditation, self massage with oil on your feet, breathing essential oils, eliminating electronics and reading poetry or books for pleasure can be a few helpful tips. A worried mind has difficulty resting at night but incorporating a ritual can be of great benefit.

40 minute Yoga Nidra for Sleep with Theo Wildcroft

Sugars and Poor Diet

Eliminate sugar where you can. Monk Fruit powder, maple syrup, and honey are generally easy replacements. Stevia is also an option too but many don’t enjoy the aftertaste. Remember willpower isn’t really a thing. If you are having cravings, combat that with a quiet sit-down, 12 breaths and a mantra on each inhale of the breath.

Eat your veggies and proteins and limit the white flour that sticks like glue. It is recommended to get 4-9 cups of green veggies per day. It may not happen everyday, but if you have symptoms related to inflammation, sleep, fatigue, and hormone dysfunction I highly recommend getting 1 cup per day of a cruciferous vegetable (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage).

Being Sedentary and Poor Posture

Think back 150 years ago. Think about how they heated their homes, cooked their food, washed their clothes, and not everything plugged into an outlet. The amount of body movement required on a daily basis needs to be added anymore. Muscle weakness past the age of 22 is a real thing and rapidly progresses at the loss of about 1% muscle mass each year unless you are doing something active about it. Looking at your computer and cell phone is changing the mechanics of your spine. Get adjusted to keep your joints moving well! That combined with a lack of muscle strength is causing a lot of inflammation. Find a movement routine you can enjoy.

Look at the evolution of our posture!


Avoid chemicals where you can. Many pesticides and herbicides are used on your fruits and veggies and antibiotics and growth hormones in your meats and cheeses. Options to grow your own, visit a farmer’s market, or get to know your farmer are fantastic options and growing in accessibility. Participating in those things and choosing to use your money in those regions will hopefully bring more accessible food options to all sectors of our population.

Anemia, Acidity, Allergy, Hormones

ANEMIA: So, so many people are showing up with anemia. Primary issue to address first and foremost as you build your iron levels is your ability to DIGEST! If you are anemic or low in iron, you can’t move on in correcting other health issues. The protocols won’t work!

Testing options: Get your Hemoglobin AND FERRITIN checked!

ACIDITY: is from a poor diet of a lot of white foods like crackers, breads, pastas and processed and packaged foods. Fruits and vegetables combat acidity and allow your body to become more alkaline.

Testing options: pH test strips with saliva

ALLERGIES and INTOLERANCES: if you know you are to steer clear of certain foods because they cause symptoms or have shown up on bloodwork to cause an allergic response but continue to eat them, you are going to be causing inflammation.

Testing options: Muscle testing in clinic (preliminary), Blood testing Cyrex Labs

HORMONES: Hormones in balanced states are protective. For example, having low estrogens as you are past menopause can affect your heart. Having low progesterone can cause more inflammation and often show up as fatigue. Chronic stress can shift your Cortisol rhythm causing you to be a ‘night owl’, insomnia, or wake up in the middle of the night and be tired in the morning.

Testing options: Trial of herbal support or DUTCH labs (ordered in clinic)

Microbes, Mitochondria, Methylation

MICROBES: is the balance of the good and bad bacteria in the body. They are finding that what bacteria lives in the end of the colon determines even what kind of bacteria resides in the stomach. Elimination frequency and efficiency is very important as is the right blend of foods for you to be able to have a harmonious microbiome. That microbiome has been found to be your ‘first brain,’ line of defense in immune system function, and linked to mood.

Testing options: Implementing Probiotics or stool samples through Doctor’s Data

MITOCHONDRIA: The engine in your cell. The one that gives you energy. It will require lots of antioxidants in the form of foods that are grown and can be eaten in their original state, commonly fruits and vegetables. Exercise and deep breathing and reducing risk of insulin resistance can be primary to get your engine to work well.

METHYLATION: Your ability to convert chemicals in your liver. Your ability to consume dairy can often show up here too. Deficiency of B vitamins, in particular Folate can lead to weak methylation cycles and I am finding weaker digestion and often leading to anemia. It is important to know this about yourself. Consuming more toxins for a person with methylation issues will lead to a toxic build up and high levels of inflammation. Often related to how fast or slow your body metabolizes drugs and chemicals such as anesthesia.

Testing options: DNA through MyOrigin or Bloodwork for current status

Tackle that Inflammation!

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