New Formula!! Inflam-Eze Plus!!

Super excited about the new formulation!

Nutri Dyn added one of my favorite extracts and improved the other herbs that work synergistically for pain relief. Ever feel guilty when you need to use Advil or ibuprofen? Know it isn’t good for your stomach, but the headache or cramps are really affecting your day? We’ve often steered our patients to using Herbal Eze as an alternative option, or the powdered Dynamic Inflam Eze, but now we’ll have a third option to offer for pain relief. And the best part is these herbs are good for you and won’t cause any harm to your body.

I’ve personally been using this new formula since it has come out recently and I can say it has improved my joint pain most noticeably (especially with this recent cold weather in Minnesota!).
Easy use tip: You can keep a few of these stored in an old altoid tin in your purse, daypack/ backpack for emergencies!

Inflam-Eze Plus contains:
(first 4 ingredients are much like our Herbal Eze)
Ginger, Curcumin (active ingredient in turmeric), Boswellia, Black pepper
NEW and higher dose of:
Willow bark extract
Devil’s Claw extract
Hops extract

Additional Care tips on pain and inflammation:

  • Heating your muscles with a hot pack, hot bath, or sauna, or maybe you are better with alternating ice and heat.
  • Deep breathing: 12 breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to the count of 4.
  • Heat up your belly; either with a warm pack/ castor oil pack, or warming herbs and soups/stews, hot teas sipped on through the day. Your lymphatic system originates in your digestive tract and keeping fluids moving keeps things moving in general!
  • Move your body! Even if it is wrist or ankle circles, shoulder shrugs, or isometric contraction while you sit in a chair, get your muscles and bones moving for better circulation. If you feel up to it, a stationary bike, rowing machine, or treadmill can make movement in a warmer environment feel better. If you still like it in a warm environment, turn on some music and hit your groove. Or if you feel up for it, a walk in the cold brisk air would be quite invigorating.
  • And eat real food! Not too much, not too little, just right and rightly warm!

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