Celebrating 15 Years!

Wow! Thank you to all whom I have talked with, worked with, laughed with, cried with, worried with, brainstormed with, and been fortunate to walk along with you through a corner of your life!
Cheers to 15 years!
I have been blessed by so many good relationships. I can’t even wrap my head around where I have been and where it will all go in the future.
Can you reflect back 15 years in your life and see what has happened and the beautiful and maybe sometimes painful timing of it all? Can you wrap your head around how you got where you are? I surely would have never imagined the potential we have created together in this small town. Maybe that is the magic of it. We can’t see the whole picture and that is some of the mystery that keeps us hopeful and waking up each day to show up for each other.

As a little thank you, Jeannie has helped me put together 15 gifts for 15 blessed years of working with all of you! If you have visited us in the last month for your chiropractic or acupuncture services, ordered from our website or clinic, consulted for nutritional or bodywork needs, or shared our posts or page on Facebook, you will be eligible to receive one of these gifts of some of my favorite things! We will draw names on Friday Dec 18th for the 15 gifts and get them to you before the Holiday.

And an extra thank you for hanging tight with me in this crazy year of 2020 as time, expectations, and schedules have been a challenge. Maybe that is another lesson in going with the flow and not exactly knowing the particulars. There is no such thing as perfect balance!

Thank you!
I am grateful for all of you!

Important December Dates in our Center:
Fantastic Friday week December 14-18!!!
Clinic hours:
Tuesday and Friday 8-5 pm
Thursday 10:30 – 5 pm
ONLINE ORDERS 20% off Monday morning through Friday night

Holiday Week of Dec 21-25
Clinic hours:
Monday 10-5 pm
Tuesday 9- 5 pm
Wednesday 10- 5 pm


Stay Safe and Healthy this Holiday Season!

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