Having a Good Holiday Season

Many are beginning to put up their Holiday decorations, shoveling mountains of snow, and breaking out the recipes to make some cookies. It’s already that time of year. For some it is exciting, for others it causes more anxiety, some feel depression, and others feel just plain worn out.

  • How does this time of year affect you and your mood?
  • How is your sleep?
  • How is your energy level?
  • How do you want your season to go?

Here are my favorite go-to’s for keeping this time of year healthier for your mind and body:

Get decent sleep. If you need a hot cup of tea, a good book, herbal assistance like Melatonin, Stress Essentials Relax, Cortisol Pro, see what works for you to get some good sleep. Ask us if you are needing assistance with sleeping deeper and waking rested.

Hard time relaxing for sleep? You could also try using a little more complex carbohydrate at your dinner like a sweet potato or squash. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant that could also work in the form of dark green veggies or a supplement! Watch the amount of sugar you have consumed in the day, this will affect the level of natural magnesium in your body and your cortisol levels (for better sleep).

Intermittent Fasting at least 12 hours of no eating – for example eat dinner at 6 pm and don’t eat again until 6-7 am. Can go longer but that is a ‘per person’ determination on the length of time you can go- 18 hours is another favorite and very effective. BUT you do not want a dizzy sensation! Your blood sugar must be somewhat stable to do longer times of intermittent fasting.

Warm foods for every meal of the day. This will be much easier on your digestive processes.

Keep your body warm; scarves, hats, wool socks, slippers, hot shower or hot bath, sauna, hot tub, whirlpool, infrared lamp. This is especially important if you tend to feel fatigued. Your kidneys do not like to be cold (they govern your late afternoon energy level in particular, and your overall energy)!!

Journaling, Devotions, a quiet time of day for at least 10 minutes, best in the early morning. Get your mind in the right place and take care of yourself first. Hard time sitting or taking this time? Some herbal remedies such as Lavela and Stress Essentials Balance can assist with this.

Get some movement. Shovel some snow. Bundle up and take a walk, snowshoe, sled down a hill, go skiing, indoor biking or outside fat tire biking, swimming, or yoga. We live in Minnesota, best to embrace the weather and find something fun to do, inside or out!

Eat a lot of veggies; colorful but mostly green. Keep the sugar to a minimum and remember it takes about 1 cup of broccoli to break down the sugars of one slice of bread, for an example. This time of year is often about moderation and balance.

Keep expectations in check. Simplify where you can. Eliminate the unnecessary. Change up traditions if you feel the need. Go with the flow of the Holidays.


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