Is Now a Good Time for a Cleanse?

Hello Folks!
Is now a good time to cleanse my body?
Read to find out the answer and what my thoughts are behind the word.

I have had some great conversations over the last few days with several patients. This is fantastic, because the theme is here again this year. Usually the week before Thanksgiving and then through to the New Year, I get asked daily if now is a good time to cleanse our bodies. I think I have finally, after all these years, figured out the pull to want to do this. Your body may be starting to feel heavier. Your digestive system may be a bit slower. Your mind may not feel as sharp. No worries my friends, this is a normal body transition with the seasons!

So the short answer is; No. This is NOT a good time of year to cleanse. I reserve this idea for Spring and very early Fall; April – May, and September or so. We need the weather to be warmer, and the food to be matching the season of light and crisp.

But what can you do, you ask?

Drink warm, digestive building teas!! We have some great options at the clinic that I have been using for the last year at least. You can sip on a warm digestive tea all day long to rehydrate better (thank you, dry skin for the message), or you can drink a 6 oz cup with every meal. Cut out acidic coffee especially if you are having digestive complaints. Try it for a week and see if you feel different. If you do, continue, if you don’t, your body may allow one cup per day.

Try using about 4 oz of warm water mixed with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar and a squeeze of lemon or lime. Get your digestive fires burning hotter to burn up your food better. Drink once right away in the morning, or a little bit with each meal. ** Note: if you have had a previous ulcer, do not do this method. You can drink the warm water with lemon but omit the vinegar.

Eat warm or hot foods only! NO SALADS or RAW foods right now. Especially in Minnesota where it is now cold, your body is cooler, your digestive system is cooler, and to eat cool foods will just create more burden on your gallbladder and liver, which is if you are cleansing, the organs you want to provide relief to. Give those digestive organs a break by eating warm foods. Eat your biggest meal at lunch and have a very small dinner. Eat less in general. Eat root vegetables roasted. The idea of releasing the burden on the organs by eating what it needs is the cleanse aspect that is most important.

Want to have a ‘cleanse’ feeling in your digestive tract? Begin your morning with eating stewed apples or roasted beets. Add them with your breakfast meal of choice, but these two items are very good at assisting digestive organs and cleaning. Please avoid cold cereal! I was once told there is more nutrition in the box it comes in, than the actual food you put in your mouth!

Move your body! BEST in the MORNING!
While laying on your back, bring both knees to your chest and drop back down while inhaling and exhaling at least 6-8 times.
If your lower back can tolerate it, drop your knees from right to left and back and forth with inhale and exhale 6-8 times on each side.
Alternate one knee pulled up to your chest and the other extended straight while you repeat the inhales and exhales and alternate the legs another 6-8 times.
This digestive stimulating movement will take you less than 5 minutes but could help clear your system for the day.

Following the body movement, sit or lay, and breath in and out purposefully through your nose (no open mouth!) 12 times. To keep track, count by folding your fingers with each inhale. Sit quiet for a while after completing this. This process will help calm your mind and relieve anxiety.

Cleanse your body by giving it what it needs in each season. Rest. Rejuvenate. So you can stay resilient through the season.
-Dr. Christine

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