And did you know…. fasting for 12-14 hours can be very beneficial

Happy chilly spring day, folks! Looks like a few more days of some cold breeze and then we are going to have some great time to be outdoors again.

Did you know….

To improve your heart health, it is best to only eat for a 10 hour period of time during the day? Studies have shown that keeping the period of time you eat during the day to only 10 hours (like 8 am-6 pm), you can decrease your waist circumference which leads to better heart health*. Waist circumference is the greatest health risk for cardiovascular disease. This type of fat is often linked to deep visceral fat (the fat around your organs, not the squishy stuff you can touch) which is the most inflammatory and linked to a high cause of disease. The concept of keeping your eating window smaller will then lead to fasting through the night. So technically, you can be fasting every single day by not snacking after 6 pm! Many studies show that fasting for 12-14 hours can be very beneficial to many diseases. This may be one aspect you could work on this week to improve your overall health!