Preparing for Fall

With the daylight hours already getting shorter, we begin to think of fall and winter seasons. Harvesting gardens, storing food, and the last of the summer fun winding down. Whether you are heading back to school, learning from home, going back into the office, or thinking ahead for the winter months we all need to take care of our immune systems with potential virus exposure looming. It doesn’t really matter what virus you are talking about, some of the basics are the same.

Here are some key tips to prevention of illness:

Get plenty of good, quality sleep. 6-8 hours is recommended for adults and for kids anywhere from 10-16 hours. Ways to improve your quality of sleep are to arise early, get exposure to sunlight early in your day, and go to bed before 10-11 pm. Avoid electronics one hour before bed. Get a ritual to wind down your day. Melatonin is a fantastic supplement to assist your cortisol rhythm and can be used in children and adults.

Get your sunshine and exercise in! As the sunshine hours disappear in Minnesota, it may be vital to get your blood tested for your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has been a primary consideration in the prevention and treatment of viruses. For short periods of time of known exposure to a virus, you can take high doses of vitamin D for further protection. This lack of sunshine and exercise heading into fall and as kids sit in a classroom all day, may explain why so many become sick so early in the fall. I have been seeing this trend happen sooner and sooner in the fall over the years. It is most beneficial to receive about one hour or more of sunshine on your skin per day and exercise even in the form of walking or biking for 20-30 minutes per day.

Eat your fruits and veggies! Eat a colorful rainbow of food and lots of it. Pay attention to and cut out as much processed food, white foods, and sweets as you can. Sugar and processed foods lead to nutrient deficiency, such as vital elements like magnesium, zinc, and B vitamins. All of those essential nutrients boost your immune system. That is why zinc is so often suggested in virus protection. This is also where vitamin C can play a vital role as well in virus protection. Fruits, veggies, minerals and vitamins are all a strong foundation for stress reduction and overall health so you can have a strong bioterrain to fight off viruses.

Address the Stress! A lot of emotions are impossible to avoid in the last 6 months and likely moving forward- things are weird, turbulent, exhausting, and the political landscape has been so hard on many relationships. The news and social media are doing a fine job at throwing it right at you, each and every day. Maybe consider taking a break. Spend more time on doing the things you enjoy and nourishing the relationships that bring you comfort. There is worry, frustration, confusion, depression, anxiety, decision making, loneliness, anger, heartbreak, and so many others. There is no magic pill to make these go away. But now is a time to check in with yourself, with others, and support the process. Vitamin C as a basis can help keep your adrenal glands nourished along with eating good foods and all of the above suggestions. There are a lot of herbal remedies to help with emotions that are big and interfering with your sleep and your daily activities. I have been experimenting with a new Liposomal L-Theanine, intended to take the feeling of nervous jitters down a notch and help you stay calm in stressful situations. I will say I have been first and foremost noticing a change in my upset stomach and feeling less agitated with the overwhelming decision making that is needing to take place. This formula with it being liquid, could be very beneficial for our kid population and also ease of dosing. And get a chiropractic adjustment or a massage to help your nervous system regulate your stress environment!

What to do if I do get sick with a virus?
To tell you the truth, it is focusing on the above lifestyle aspects and maybe increasing the dosage of vitamin D, vitamin C and melatonin. It can also be the addition of different enzymes, nutrients, and herbs to help balance what symptom is taking place.
NAC 600 is fantastic at cutting mucus production and lung congestion.
Spectrum AR is fantastic at supporting any bacterial aspect in infection.
Cough syrups, Elderberry syrup, Zinc lozenges, mushroom blends, herbs, herbs, and more herbs.

Take care of yourself and your family as we move into the Fall season and as always, call, text, or email us with your questions!

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