Tired of Ibuprofen and Advil?

Tired of feeling sore and achy all over?

We have natural healthy options to decrease your inflammation!

Number one, start your day off with great nutrition!!  I don’t get so worked up on when your first meal happens, but what your first meal is of the day!  This meal sets your blood sugar response and cravings to other foods up for the REST OF THE DAY!

An example: A piece of toast on the run in the morning equals at least 20 grams of carbs.  That equals 5 teaspoons of sugar.  Now, lets add the 2 teaspoons minimum of sugar from your creamer to your coffee, and maybe a piece of fruit (other natural sugar).  So your first meal of the day is at least  10 teaspoons of sugar that your insulin has to remedy.  So your blood sugar spikes, and what goes up, must come down.  Now you have just gotten on the roller coaster of blood sugar and cravings! Sugar equals inflammation, pain, and stiffness!

First meal of the day should be adequate protein, fats, and a carb preferably from a vegetable source. That way your first meal of the day you are well on your way to getting your 6-9 cups of vegetables in for the day!

Tip of the day for the parties and family celebrations…….

Have a protein shake before you go to an event.  Eat smaller portions and eat as many of the good veggie dishes and protein, and a sampling taste of the carbs/treats.  Play with the kids, go for a walk, get your metabolism burning up the extra fuel you may be eating.  

Don’t wait until the Holiday season is done to begin your healthy changes!  

Dynamic Health Drink

The Shake-a-Day is a huge hit!  UltraInflamX is changing lives!  

Wonder what it tastes like??

Julie from Nutri-Dyn will be in the office on Friday December 18th to sample:

Shake-A-Day Health Drink

Health Drink contains Whey protein, Greens, and Fiber!

UltraInflamX 360 (new flavor!!)

Powerful antioxidants, tumeric/curcumin, and other anti-inflammatories!


22 grams of beef protein, 0-1 gram of sugar, and less than 2 grams of carb

We would love to see you on Fantastic Friday, Come have a Shake…

December 18th!!


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