A Multivitamin with anti-aging results?

Does your Multivitamin guarantee anti-aging results? 

What Multivitamin do we stand behind, day in and day out, as one of the best on the market? 

PhytoMulti and PhytoMulti with Iron
PhytoMulti & Wellness Essentials DailyAlso found in the Wellness Essentials Packets of all varieties (those are convenient packs that include fish oil!! The best price point for your daily needs) 

PhytoMulti is a multivitamin, multimineral, and plant nutrient tablet. And when I say plant nutrients; one tablet provides you with 3-5 servings of organic fruits and vegetables, two tablets provides 6-10 servings.

The even better aspect of this product is that Metagenics has tested the product and it has been proven to affect your DNA; more specifically your telomere length which is the antiaging aspect of your cellular structure. Those nutrients go so deep, they affect the outside AND the inside of your cells! This product has been proven to prevent damage to your DNA. Who wouldn’t want that happening everyday in a world like ours with constant exposure to damaging chemicals?!

Natural Elements Health CenterThe PhytoMulti can be taken independently to fill the gaps in your daily lifestyle. The veggies aren’t quite rolling in yet out of the garden, and a lot of patients lately have said how low their veggie consumption has been. Guess what? I am finding increasing levels of weak detoxification in the liver with each of them if their veggie intake isn’t high enough, specifically with broccoli.

PhytoMulti can also be taken in the Wellness Essentials packets to save you some money while adding in some other key nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and fish oil to your daily routine. Fish Oil is highly anti-inflammatory, a nerve protector, improves memory and speed of nerve communication. Highly protective in many aspects.

The other fantastic aspect of all Metagenics products is that they test all of their tablet products to guarantee break down in WATER within 30 minutes. That means even if you have very weak digestion, toxicity, or any other limitation with breaking food down, you have nothing to worry about and can start healing with even this potent multivitamin/mineral/plant nutrient.

You all know the market is flooded with multivitamins, anti-aging products, along with all sorts of ‘all natural’ remedies. But is the company you are purchasing from check the quality of every ingredient they use? Do they test for purity and contaminants? Is the label true per ingredient listing? Can you find if they are GMP certified (General manufacturing practices)? Rest assured, Metagenics is triple GMP certified and is listed very well with the FDA for compliance.

I’ve been there. Metagenics in Seattle, Washington is an international leading company in the world of clean, pure, and high quality products with the latest scientific research and testing to back it up. I’ve met the scientists, managers, the workers, and watched your product be made and tested in the labs. Wow. I can truly say they have your best health interest in mind. I’ve seen the chlorophyll mixture and the mess it creates to coat your tablets. No synthetic stuff there. I can say I supported their products before going out there, but now I can truly stand behind what you are taking off of our shelf.

Thank You!

I thank all of my patients for purchasing high quality nutritional products from us! You are helping support a small business in big ways and helping many families. 

So take advantage of our Special, July 1 -31, 2016! I want all of my patients to be protecting their DNA from cellular damage so don’t miss out!

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