Pure Water- Drink It!!

I am writing this today because I have had an influx of new patients who have been telling me they are drinking water all day long…in the form of black teas, Crystal Light, Gatorade, and many other ‘forms’ of water that even some have put soda in this category because it is liquid. I had to chuckle when one man told me “there was water with it.” I am going to get pretty clear here because I don’t think anyone is understanding what they are doing to their body. I am also worried for a vast majority of people who are young (and old too) who don’t understand what choices they are making are going to affect them years from now in a serious way. I don’t think anyone is understanding that dehydration on a cellular level can cause a plethora of symptoms from headaches, to chronic muscle spasms, fatigue, degeneration or arthritis, and the list goes on. You don’t know how many people I meet that are dehydrated on a cellular level that just by changing the amount of water consume they begin to feel better.


Your body cannot function on a cellular level without adequate levels of hydration for nutrients to cross cellular membranes and nourish the very inside that makes your body run and burn fuel. You have no idea how many hours I spent in school learning just about the function of inside one cell, and all that happens there to make your body go.

Your body needs at least 6-8 glasses per day; best way to get going 2 in the morning, one at lunch, 1 with dinner and one in the evening. Before you know it, someone drinking one to two, is now drinking 5. It can only get better. Think you are going to be in the bathroom all day? Once you get balanced on a cellular level and your kidneys and bladder start to understand the normal process, it will calm down and you won’t be spending all your time in the bathroom.

Why am I saying to drink plain, unsatisfying, unsweet water? Plain and simple, we are getting far too much sugar in our diets (a whole other topic for discussion), therefore craving more sweetness every day, and if you think you can replace the sweet with an artificial sweetener it only gets worse from there. I will definitely go into detail on sugar here soon because that topic is also very important.

We start adding artificial sweeteners to it, drinking a company’s electrolyte chemical mixture, or any other ‘flavored drink,’ you have chosen the wrong direction for your body on a chemical basis. Your body has no idea what to do with a chemical that looks like sugar, that acts like sugar, but is not sugar. Your body has no idea what to do with something that looks like a potassium molecule, but yet is not one. Chemists are great at what they do, but the further away we go from the original material the more our bodies get confused at what to do with it. Take wheat made into flour, made into a cracker that needs to have salt and sugar to make it taste good. You just took a wheat grain, and added a whole bunch of stuff to it that wasn’t necessary.

So, please, to help your body be healthy, or heal, or just to respond better to your adjustment, massage, or other body work, DRINK PURE WATER. In the years I have been practicing, this trend away from pure water is becoming very popular. The downfall is more people are sick, hurting, and not getting better if they don’t take on the challenge to change.

Join me on your path to health and great vitality and energy. Drink water for energy and health!

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