Feeling tired and sluggish?

Following the heavy meal of Thanksgiving, the fast pace of the Holiday season, and the dropping temps, many are complaining of feeling more fatigued and having to push through the day. First, make sure you are getting plenty of water. 6-8 glasses per day, especially as we all run our heat modalities in our homes and dry the air out. Secondly, sit by a sunny window if you can and aim for getting at least 1 hour of sunshine per day. After our month of November I think all of us are feeling deprived. Even though the temps were in the teens today, the sun was bright and shining. Even through a window is going to give you some benefit. I have been finding you can try and supplement vitamin D all you like, but nothing can replace the actual sunshine and the process that has to happen in your body naturally.
And lastly but most importantly, take a break from heavy foods for the next couple weeks before the family and friend get togethers start to happen. Go back to the basics of eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Jes earlier this month posted a great veggie detox salad using brussel sprouts that was very refreshing (check your e-mail for the posting). Cut back on your simple carbs, which simply means steer clear of anything white. Eat more soups that you have made from your own bone broth to nurture your internal organs from the stress of the season. If you can’t quite get in all your greens, people have been loving the Dynamic Fruits and Greens on our shelf- a whopping 20+ servings per scoop! Many of you tell me you have been eating on the run~ well, no more excuses now, mix and go! Remember as the running errands and getting of gifts and food continues, take some time for yourself and enjoy the moments we all have together. Life can pass us by far too quickly so enjoy the things that count; like sledding down the hill with your grandkids or taking a friend out to coffee, or simply passing by someone and giving them a smile. Blessings to you all and take a break so you can re-charge and renew!

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