March Mindfulness Kicks Off with Yoga March 15, 2023

Yoga Club with Christine
and I AM Community,

Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45 pm
March 15th to April 19th at the
MAC (Milaca Arts Center).

Wear your comfy clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel.

Only $10 per session!
All ages and abilities are welcome.

Contact for registration

Click on the following link to print or share the flyer: Yoga Club with Christine

A little about Christine SchlenkerDr. Christine Schlenker Milaca Mn Chiropractor
I have been practicing yoga for about 15 years. Digging into the practice due to frustrations with relationships, running a business, and how I was handling stress. It was a way I could be in the moment and unwind tension in my body, while trying to navigate day to day. And then I wanted more understanding of the teachings. I have experienced changes in how I think about things and how I take care of my body and mind, and wanted to learn the philosophy of why yoga works. In 2020, I completed 200 hours of teacher training through the lineage of Desikachar, which then I realized how much I still didn’t know. So I have been studying with my teacher and cohorts the Bhagavad Gita and currently the Yoga Sutras. I have also completed further training in Yoga for All, to bring more inclusivity and body positivity to the practice. Yoga is something each person needs to experience to see what it does for them. It can be a beautiful practice to use for your lifetime.

I hope you can join our community to share in some yoga!

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