Let’s talk MUSCLES!

Muscles are needed to keep your skeletal structure in it’s proper and optimal function. For example: if you don’t have a strong core or butt muscles then your low back is going to be sore and achy.

Sarcopenia is a loss of “skeletal” muscle mass. With sarcopenia you can feel general discomfort, unease or pain. Sarcopenia can lead to oxidative stress or cellular damage- therefore your mitochondria (the cells that are making you energy) are stressed. The main cause of decreased lean muscle mass is aging, but even “healthy” people can be sarcopenic.

Lean muscles are a big contributor to the amount of energy you use. If you don’t have enough lean muscle then you are burning up more energy than needed. Hence you are fatigued, exhausted by the end of the day. No energy to spare. Your body has nothing to repair itself with. This is a time when some of our patients have described ‘their adjustments not holding.’ The lean muscles and the bones of your body work directly together.

How do I fix it?
Make sure the proteins you are eating are high quality and digesting well. Support you lean body mass with BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) by eating better balanced proteins. Increase your lean body mass with a Pea/Rice Protein instead of a fast quick possibly inflammatory meal- (Ultra Meal Advanced Protein has 2.5g of added essential amino acids and BCAA with 15 g of total protein). Medical studies have found that this blend is the most highly absorbed and utilized, resulting in a direct improvement of lean muscle mass.
By doing at least one shake a day you are aiding in Toxin Elimination! – Not adding processed/inflammatory foods to your diet can be a big game changer in assisting your energy level, muscle mass, and anti-aging health. You are giving your body the ability to absorb proper nutrients therefore aiding in cellular repair.

Wondering what you Lean body mass is? BIA is an electrical impulse assessment we use in the office everyday to check your lean body mass.

Want to know your body composition? Come in for an appointment and we will run a BIA- this allows us to track your lean muscle mass and so much more!

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