Keep Your Immune System Strong

First and foremost, to keep your immune system strong as this health challenge may be upon us is to

keep your stress system in check.

Likely the media has you fearing the worst, but we must:
Remain calm and logical regarding illness that spreads quickly.
Have compassion for those around us whom may be immune compromised.
Follow the recommendations by the CDC and Dept. of Health to keep those we love and care for safe.

If you feel your stress system is challenged, keeping on high doses of vitamin C may be of great benefit. Different formulas of adaptogenic herbs could be very beneficial to helping your adrenal glands do the work they need to do. We also have many options for further stress and sleep support with herbal remedies that may help you through times of too much thinking and deep concern over how this is going to play out moving forward.
Let us help you if you need support.

To keep your immune system strong:

  • Continuing with your vitamin D supplementation even though the weather is warming and the sun is returning could be vital. Keep going with this support for the next month or two. Additionally, reishi or cordyceps mushrooms may be helpful, as well as minerals and things such as colloidal silver.
  • Supporting your gut health through probiotics is another stable way to ensure your immune system will be supported.
  • Continue to eat warm foods and avoid eating raw and cold foods.
  • Add in some fermented foods or at least a dose of apple cider vinegar.
  • Drink a lot of warm tea throughout the day.

Keep your digestion strong with implementing these few things. And rest; lots of good deep sleep, or naps.

Please attempt to not live in fear but be aware of what your body may need for support and care, and therefore you will be healthy and well to take care of others around you.

This is a great time to really support yourself and our fellow human beings, even in times of social isolation. Check in with a phone call, write some cards or letters. Check on those people you care about and make sure they are doing okay. Read a good book, paint a picture, or do a puzzle. Look at the positives of maybe doing things a little differently so we can keep our communities healthy.
-Dr. Christine

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