Head cold got you down?

Kendra-acupStrange thing happening this summer…a lot of chest and head colds with thick mucus. Ugh! Often, I hear patients come in after the fact and say,”I need to get tuned up because I have been so sick lately.  I just thought I would wait until it has gone away and it took 3 weeks.”  Doesn’t that sound miserable?  I think so!

So, here is what we do: chiropractic adjustment and some nutrition to boost the immune system and get the lymphatic system draining the mucus away from your head and lungs, decrease your dairy consumption to decrease the amount of mucus, and get some acupuncture going!  The acupuncture works amazing for even the worst sinus infection and can clear up a stuffed nose, ease a sore throat, and help unclog plugged ears.  So, Kendra has beaten the colds all winter, but here in July now she gets to experience all this for her first time while with us!  And to top it off, she got it bad!  She got to experience redness in her eyes from all the mucus, which colloidal silver helped, and she got to take Candibactin AR because we were finding the mucus or bacterial infection responded best to that and she could function through her work day better without coughing.

Now, what did Kendra have on her side to not suffer for 3 weeks?  A doctor in her back pocket harassing her to get adjusted ASAP and get some acupuncture done!  They find if you can begin taking care of yourself at the first sign of symptoms with tea, nutrition or herbs, and rest within 4-6 hours, you can often ‘beat’ the cold or lessen the intensity of the symptoms drastically.  If that doesn’t cut it, get adjusted or at least get a massage to influence your body to heal.   We have a great list of cold and flu prevention tools to keep in your kitchen cupboard at the clinic for this sort of thing.

Does the acupuncture hurt?  No worse than a mosquito bite, often feeling nothing.  Does the chiropractic adjustment hurt?  Often not when massage work is done prior and we work with what technique works for you.  Does the sinus drainage technique hurt?  Depends…how long its been there and how bad it is.   Horrible to take the nutritional supplements? No, unless you hate the taste of pizza!  Was it worth it to get relief from the head pressure and be able to breath again? Every time.

Thanks Kendra for being our beautiful model for acupuncture, glad it worked for you.  And our rule is as long as you aren’t vomiting, have a really high fever, or can’t make it to the bathroom, you are welcome in our clinic to get relief for your symptoms!  We sanitize the tables and equipment between patients. Don’t wait to get yourself feeling better!

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