Feeling inflamed? Foggy and Tired? Cravings?

Skip the breakfast cereal, fast food stop, or the gas station convenience food and have a Medical Food ‘Shake a Day!’

Load your body with nutrients on a daily basis instead of harming your body everyday with toxic foods!

Dynamic Health Drink

In our office, for around $4.75 per shake, you could take one of our Medical Foods from Metagenics like UltraInflamX, loaded with tumeric and other vital nutrients, along with your Dynamic Fruits and Greens (a 20 whopping servings of veggies and fruits in a scoop) every morning or lunch instead of eating an unhealthy meal. Where else could you get an ORGANIC and nutrient dense meal for $4.75???

Having cravings or feeling a lot of belly jiggle?
How about some PMS with your increased stress as the Holidays approach?
Try an Estrium ‘shake a day’ to cut the cravings and naturally balance your hormones with this medical food. Watch your cycle and mood improve each month with using this dynamic nutrient combination.

We have other Medical Foods as well; Liver detox through UltraClear Renew or UltraClear Plus pH, Leaky Gut support through UltraGI Replenish. Medical Foods are proven to help specific symptoms and diseases to improve health.

Call or stop in to learn more! Ask Dr. Christine what she would prescribe for you to improve your health today, she will happily write you a prescription for the best fit for you.

Our Medical Foods and Dynamic Fruits and Greens are included in our Fantastic Friday 20% off Sale!!!

Begin your journey to health and wellness today! Your health is determined by your daily lifestyle choices!

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