I am a 55 year old male. Although I bicycle ride 1,500 to 3,000 miles a year I have always had high cholesterol. For years my doctor has prescribed Lipitor, however hearing of the side effects I only used it for a short period. I did try niacin (on the advice of my pharmacist) but my numbers actually went up.

Last fall I went to Dr. Christine Schlenker, a chiropractor in Milaca, MN. She suggested I try Triplichol. I bought a 2 month supply and after had my levels checked. I went from 325 to 250 in 60 days. Even my doctor was impressed and I am a true believer in your product.

But lowering my cholesterol was not the only benefit; it seemed my sleep improved and I felt better over-all. Thank you for this combination of supplements!!!

My wife also has high cholesterol and has been taking Crestor for years. Although she suffers from a fair amount of muscle pain which may or may not be related to Crestor (she does have liver profiles done every 3 months to look for damage), after seeing my results she is willing to try Triplichol.

I did find a comparable combination at GNC but don’t really care for it because it made me shaky.

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Jim vonMeier

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