Spring activities- Bring on the SUN!

Hey Friends! Meet my new ride.  Great gas mileage, multi purpose, and pretty stinking cute.  She’s the same color as my first car.  Which by the way, I could fill up the tank for $10 and drive everywhere.  I think it was destiny when we met in the store 😉

I got this hair brained idea this winter I am going to bike to work more often.  Kids are old enough to stay home, I need some introverted alone time, and the exercise sounds like a bonus.  Now, I’ve only owned cheap bikes before, so I am already cringing at the idea of the bike seat.  But the kind,  young sales guy insists I will be good.  We’ll see.

How far out of town do I live, you ask? 12 miles one way.  Up hill, both ways.  Well, maybe not entirely.  But after riding 6 miles yesterday in the loose, muddy gravel I have a feeling it may feel like that for a while. Until I build up calluses on my ischial tuberosities.   Thankfully my mind was on top of it and I ended my evening with a hot epsom salt soak and good book to wake up fine this morning.

So who’s with me on new goals for this spring?  Who else feels a deep need to shake things up? I want to hear about them, cheer each other on!

Bring on the sunshine to dry this mud and warm my face.  This gray, rainy/ snowy weather can skedaddle. We’ve got playing outside to do! -Dr. Christine