Smiling & Cooing within hours

Within an hours time my daughter was smiling and cooing at me!
At about 4 weeks old my newborn daughter became increasingly fussy and was almost impossible to burp. As the days went on she became inconsolable from about 7pm-1 or 2am every night. My husband and I have 2 other children, so we know most of the tricks that parents use to console their children, but nothing was working. Her cries were actually starting to sound very painful and desperate. That’s when my sister and my good friend, both are patients of Dr. Christine, suggested I try having a chiropractor adjust her. I was very skeptical, but I was willing to try anything at that point.

Dr. Christine was at that time in the process of opening her Natural Elements Health Center, Inc,. So she made a house call. (I thought this was wonderful.) After a very thorough evaluation, Dr. Christine was sure she could help my daughter. She discovered that my daughter’s hip was being pulled out of place by some very tight muscles on her right side, probably trauma from birth. This was also causing her to constantly lean to the right and was binding up her tummy. Dr. Christine gently massaged these muscles, adjusted a number of spots in her back and was able to put her hip back in place. Within an hours time my daughter was smiling and cooing at me. She had not done this in weeks. It was great! That night she was calm and happy all evening. She was even able to burp with ease. Dr. Christine came to see us two more times and my child has been great ever since. She even started sleeping through the night within days of her last visit. I am definitely a believer and am now also a patient of Dr. Christine’s at her newly opened clinic. Natural Elements is a very peaceful and healing environment. She is a truly talented and caring person. I am lucky to have her caring for me and my family and would recommend her and her clinic to anyone looking for a natural way to relieve aches and pains or to just feel more relaxed and energized.
Thank you Dr. Christine!

Angela Alkire 3/8/07

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