New Year New You!!

Body Fat, Muscle Mass, BMI, Toxicity, Hydration (BIA)                   $10

             An objective, internationally recognized test to assess the progress of your health plan and succeed in your goals of a healthier body.  Great details and a good assessment to see if what you are doing is working on your 75 trillion cells!

Lifestyle Check Up

Blood Cholesterol panel, Comprehensive metabolic panel, Glucose,

Vitamin D, Blood Pressure, BIA/BMI              $165

Hair Mineral Analysis

Check the status of your healthy minerals plus the heavy metals.

Includes 26 minerals.  Basic analysis  with description            $ 50

Analysis plus nutritional recommendations from Doctor    $ 75

Water Testing

 Ever wonder what is in your water?  Level of arsenic, copper, lead, mercury and other metals?  How about the fluoride levels or the pH (acidity)?     $129

Detoxification Programs; Liver, Hormones, Blood Sugar, or Inflammation

Anywhere from your first time doing a cleansing program to those who have done many and all kinds, let us help you start the year out right and get back on track after the Holidays!

Choose 7 days, 21 days, or 30 days!       

Complimentary BIAs throughout!

15  min. Nutrition/ Muscle testing Appointment     $35*

30  min. Nutrition/ Muscle testing Appointment      $50*

* Excludes cost of product (range $46- 105)



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