** NEW!!** Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Hello All! For those of you having some bloating, worry, extra stress and some digestive complaints, we’ve pulled in some new approaches nutritionally for you!

I’ve been experimenting with them the last couple of months, because let’s admit it, my stomach has been a knotted up mess. Producing stomach acid is the most energy consuming process in your body, and with increased amounts of stress, worry, and decision making, that energy goes towards your thoughts and emotions versus your physiological process of making acid.

So here are a couple of approaches:
1. Introducing a chewable apple cider vinegar gummy (NEW: Goli Gummies) to use with meals to boost your acid production. The cool thing about working on stimulating your acid production is that eventually the parietal cells in your stomach wake up and learn they need to be making more if we get some balance happening. I’m liking the fact that it is chewable, causing a saliva and enzyme response with that primitive action to wake my stomach up. It has been a different response versus taking capsules or tablets.

2. The herbal blend of Easy Digest is a liquid to be diluted into a lukewarm or warm small cup of water to go along with your meals or after. A blend of coriander seed, fennel, anise seed, licorice root, cardamom, peppermint, celery seed, and ginger root just plain feels good on your stomach. This is a blend I have been using for several months and have come to crave it.

Working on paying attention and improving your digestion will only increase your ability to break down foods and use all the nutrients in them allowing for optimal nutritional status in your body (and mind!). Along with maybe introducing some of these concepts, throw out the cold beverages and foods when we have chilly days, because that is like putting a pail of water on a burning fire. We want our stomachs to be burning hot and efficient like a furnace. Working on this now as the weather changes will decrease your chances of having illness and more issues with phlegm later in the winter. Eating seasonally and making changes with the weather is an age old tradition that with modern day society has been lost. Also, turn off social media, videos, heated conversations, and get away from your desk for 20 minutes while you eat. Heavy mental stimulation depletes the function of your stomach, and then the issues can snowball from there. This type of self care pays off every time and every day.

Enjoy the beautiful day my friends and call, email or text if you have questions!

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