Lets Talk about Babies, Children, Teens, Tweens and In-Betweens!

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Do you have a newborn? 

The delivery can have an impact on their little bodies. 60-90 pounds of pressure may be applied to the neck during delivery from contractions and pushing.  We have safely adjusted brand new babies with great results to help their bodies heal from the natural trauma. 

Are they reaching milestones such as: rolling, crawling, or walking?

Balancing the nervous system and cranial system can help them continue to grow and learn. Sometimes a ‘stuck’ pelvic joint is keeping them from crawling or walking.  

Have they had a recent change in clothing size?

Muscles and bones don’t grow at the same rate.  Getting your children adjusted through these changes can help their spine stay straight, their nervous system free of interference, and prevent chronic illness and aches/pains later in life. 

Are they beginning or nearing the end of a sport season?

These athletes work tremendously hard.  Their internal systems are on high inflammation/cortisol cycles from the intense exercise and play.  Adjustments help prevent injury by keeping the body in balance, discussion of nutrition keeps their organs healthy and repairing from the intense level of activity, and the soft tissue massage helps muscles release chemicals from repetitive stress. 

Or are they just simply rough tumblers?


Those little ones need tune ups during their huge milestones and growth spurts! Bring them in for an adjustment today!

For new patients we see children ages 0-17 for a half hour..

Dr. Christine has openings for you and your kids!!

We have NEW and IMPROVED Wellness Plans and Family Plans!

 Inquire with staff@naturalelementshealth.com or call 320-983-2333 for details on becoming a patient!

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