Knock Out Nasty Back to School Germs!

With school starting and children in large groups, it is a perfect time to pass germs around to the whole family!

Flu…Colds…Sore Throats…Upset Stomachs
Give your Immune System a Boost!


Kick those nasty bugs to the curb!

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My favorite use of probiotics is to support the immune system. Our gut is our first link to our immune system. The lymphatic system and immune response originates in the gut. I think the biggest concern we should have at this point in healthcare is the overuse of antibiotics with chronic infections and treatment of resistant bacteria. I am seeing infants at the age of 6 months old who have had at least 4-6 courses of antibiotics for ear infections. Infection clears up after 10 days, then a week later the ear pain is back again, so back on the antibiotics. Do you think the antibiotic is really working? Or is there something else wrong? And now, the child has had their entire good army of probiotics cleaned out of their system.

The studies are finding that one round of antibiotic use will take your gut 6 months to repair the healthy bacterial balance. An antibiotic wipes everything out. So that means you need to be taking a probiotic for 6 months to regain what you had before. And YES, PLEASE take a probiotic during the same course of treatment with an antibiotic! The trick is to not take them at the same time, take them in between doses. I promise it will not be a waste of your money and effort to try and keep your strong army of probiotics present during your course of treatment!

The second most common cause of bad bacterial health is chronic stress.  Stress affects most everything, but this is also a major cause of probiotic weakness through an inflammatory process. But that could be a much longer discussion for later. In this case, we all need more good bacteria. We can’t get enough good bacteria. We all need good digestive, immune, and mood support through probiotics.

One capsule of UltraFlora Spectrum per day provides 30 billion organisms. That would be considered a maintenance dose; for someone who is generally in good health. I would take this capsule right before bed so it has time to work all night. But even if you won’t remember then, I have lately found taking one upon waking with my first glass of water goes well too. It has even been cutting sugar cravings for the day!

Metagenics ImmuCore & UltraFlora Probiotics

If you are suffering from a cold, the flu, or stomach upset you can take three per day. To get the most effectiveness take in between meals away from food; 30 minutes before or 1 hour after food.

I’ve also had people return from foreign travel and get some serious stomach upset take a whole bottle over the course of a couple days and feel the support. I myself have taken a whole bottle in 2 days to support my immune system and rearrange how my guts are working.

What are you willing to do to improve your health?
I know one aspect for sure, I will be taking a probiotic daily; whether it is in the form of a fermented food or tea, or a Metagenics brand probiotic supplement!
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