Gut aches, heartburn, indigestion, not sleeping, moodiness?

Poor Gut Health is truly the Root of All Evil

In the clinic we have been seeing an overabundance of gut aches, indigestion, heartburn, and not sleeping well at night, moodiness, just to name a few. And underneath all those symptoms are often inflammation and small infections of bacteria or parasites throughout the digestive tract.

Stress – Excess Sugars – Processed Foods
I would say the number one reason inflammation and infection happen in the gut are higher levels of stress. It is truly the root of all evil. It opens our bodies up to being in a weaker state and more susceptible to infection. The second reason would often be the wrong balance of foods. Excess sugars and processed foods lead to an imbalance of bacteria and probiotics in the gut and that is where the immune system originates.

A weakened gut defense system allows foreign bacteria and parasites to grow and thrive. Not to say a certain amount of ‘harmful’ bacteria and parasites aren’t normal, but an abnormal amount usually causes symptoms. If you eat veggies or meats, drink water, walk in the dirt, are around other human beings, you naturally come into contact with a variety of bugs. But our stomach acids, digestive enzymes, pre and probiotic bacteria and immune system destroy those who don’t belong. But if any of those processes are in a weakened state, they pass through and find places to live, breath, hibernate, reproduce and grow families.

Improving your Gut Health doesn’t have to be Hard
The perception often is that cleansing the gut has to be ‘hard.’ Strict food diets must be followed, lifestyles have to drastically shift and you have to get all your kids eating like you, you have to start exercising more, sleep more, start yoga, lose 20 pounds, etc.etc.etc.etc….most people never start. We put road blocks up or make it harder to work on something before we’ve even started.

The very nice thing about working on the gut in the bacteria or parasite sense, is that the only rule is ‘consistency is key.’ You can go fast or slow and steady, and you are still making progress. Start feeling miserable or crabby? Back down on your dosage. Feeling fantastic, like nothing is going on? Plow forward. Each day you have to get your head around taking an anti-infective and a probiotic. Each day you have to keep doing something, even if it is a little to keep ahead of all the life cycles of these bugs. And watch how you feel, and either maintain or slow down.

Because there can be so many varieties of issues within the gut system; from your stomach to your gallbladder to your descending colon, ask questions at your next chiropractic appointment to get the ball rolling. Maybe you feel your issue isn’t a big deal, or maybe you think it’s gigantic, but ask away! The stomach function refers to neck muscles and headaches, the gallbladder refers to tight upper shoulders, the small and large intestine wrap around your core and low back, for example….maybe your chiropractic or physical complaints are actually tied to a deeper issue! These relationships are found all day long at the office!

Curious about the state of your gut health?
Have one or a few of the symptoms above?
There are several different options within our clinic for you to find out the information you are looking for:

  • Lots of patient education with descriptions for you to learn more about these types of infections and how to work through them.
  • Utilize Applied Kinesiology muscle testing for an approach that looks at muscle function/ symptoms in relation to organ function.
  • At-Home stool analysis kits can be complete for lab analysis with very thorough results- great objective results on positive and negative situation in your gut.

Begin today by stopping by for a Stomach Acid Challenge to see if Step #1 in your gut process is working well!
Pain-free test following eating at home to see if your food is digesting properly.

Interested in more?
Check out our Bowel Transit Time test to see if your food is eliminating efficiently to prevent the bacteria and probiotic balance!

Have more questions or curiosities?
Call, stop in, or e-mail us, we are here to help you on your journey and would love to see more of our clients feeling better!
We are in the Office EVERYDAY, except Thursday. We’d be happy to help!
Dr. Christine

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