Going out in big crowds? Boost yourself!

Getting back out in crowds? Kids or teachers at school? Going to church? Shopping?

Quick Tip:

Take a dose of Nutri Dyn Fruits and Greens Immune Support for a quick boost to your immune system before or after your event.  You do not necessarily have to take this everyday for this to work.  Take it before and after your outing to protect your immune system!

This along with your daily vitamin D could help super charge your fighting cells to foreign invaders.  At this point, the conversation may need to turn from worrying about what type of disease is coming our way, to how we can be a horrible host for invaders.  Keep your immune system sharp! Immune Support has Zinc, Vitamin C, Super Fruits, Super Greens, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, Fiber, Elderberry Powder, and Quercetin.  The perfect blend for kicking butt against foreign microbes!

How to get your hands on some:

Fruits and Greens Immune Support is In-Clinic or Online shopping with your account for everyday discount: http://www.nutridyn.com

Or order some at our Fantastic Friday Sale: Mar. 14-18!

Cost is $52.56 (tax included).  $1.75 per serving, and that’s before the discount! Cheaper than fancy coffee or shakes.  GMP certified. 100% organic professional grade, 20+ servings of fruits and veggies. No key allergens, preservatives, or stimulants. Packed with micronutrients.  Delicious Mango or Passion Fruit flavors.  We love it!



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