Best Labor and Delivery Yet!

Here is a great testimonial on keeping your body strong and aligned in preparation for your baby’s arrival.

“During my previous two labors, the pushing was prolonged and extra challenging due to what we came to find out was a tilted pelvis. During my most recent pregnancy, I was referred to Dr. Christine by my midwife in hopes that I could overcome this obstacle during labor.

I saw Dr. Christine only a few times throughout the first two trimesters, and on a weekly basis towards the end. Dr. Christine’s adjustments gave me much relief in regard to low back and hip pain. She also gave me exercises to do on a daily and weekly basis that helped strengthen and keep my body aligned as well as prepare me for labor and delivery. She immediately identified a tilt in my pelvis that became noticeable as I was in my final weeks of pregnancy. I stayed on top of it and saw her regularly the last few weeks of pregnancy in hopes to be aligned when it was delivery time.

I gratefully went into labor only days after an adjustment, and although this was my fifth baby, it was my fastest labor as well as the FIRST time I had ever felt the urge to push. I cannot recommend seeing Dr. Christine during pregnancy highly enough. She gave me the tools that I needed to have my best birth yet.”

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