Are you getting enough Vitamin D?


New Vitamin D products at Natural Elements

vitamin d 10000

D3 10,000 with K2


  • Ideal for patients with increased nutritional needs of vitamin D3, providing 10,000 IU per softgel
  • Provides active forms of vitamin K2 for bone & heart health support
  • Solubolized in oil for better absorbption in the disgestive tract

vita d 5000

D3 5000

  • Ultra concentrated dose of 5000 IU of vitamin D3 in a single softgel
  • Designed to quickly replenish vitamin D status
  • Solubolized in oil for better absorption in the digestive tract

vitamin liquid

D3 Liquid

  • Designed for convenient, easy dosing for kids and adults via squeeze bottle
  • Pleasant, natural mint flavor


Not sure where your levels are at? 

We can do Vitamin D testing at Natural Elements for $93.61

(please note insurance does not cover this cost,

 you would need to pay for service at Natural Elements at time of testing).

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