A Healthy Treat to Warm up your Little Ones!

Healthy Hot Cocoa for the Whole Family!

snowy-kidsWe love playing outside as a family and coming in to warm up with some hot cocoa.  But, I was having a hard time feeding my kids all the sugar from the hot cocoa on an almost daily basis, since that is of course, how often they seem request it!

BUT, problem solved when trying some gluten free Chocolate Dynamic Fruits and Greens! Just half a scoop, either mixed with hot water or warm milk, (and maybe on a lucky day for my kids some marshmallows~ and no, I don’t make my own yet :))

20 servings of fruits and vegetables, no refined sugars, and Mom is extra happy!

choc-dynamic-greens1We had another great learning point this fall too with starting school.  Our preschooler was having milk at snack time, and in a round about way we found out she was choosing chocolate because everyone else was. Chocolate milk has anywhere from 16-20 grams of sugar, which can translate into 4-5 teaspoons of sugar per serving!! UGH! Everyday we talk about healthy choices. Remember your kids are smart~ have the discussion with them about their food, exercise, and other lifestyle choices and why. I wasn’t going to ‘take away’ her privilege of having chocolate milk, I just ensured her we needed to make it at home so we knew it would be a healthy choice.  Using Chocolate Dynamic Fruits and Greens and mixed with milk- best thing ever!  Happy Girl, Happy Parents! 



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    • Hi Lynn,
      Sorry I have missed your message here but we always keep Dynamic Greens on hand in the office and it retails for $41.50. It is also included in our every 3rd Friday sales of 20% off so that brings it to 33.20 plus tax. Hope you are doing well!

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