PhytoMulti & Wellness Essentials Daily

A Multivitamin with anti-aging results?

Does your Multivitamin guarantee anti-aging results?  What Multivitamin do we stand behind, day in and day out, as one of the best on the market?  PhytoMulti and PhytoMulti with Iron Also found in the Wellness Essentials Packets of all varieties (those are convenient packs that include fish oil!! The best price point for your daily […]

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The SUN is finally here!!

I can’t believe it!  You look in the sky and there is this bright glowing thing!!  Well, Minnesotans, beware!  With our long winter be cautious to break out that virgin skin in this nice weather without remembering how easily your skin can burn.  But we have some great solutions that are natural and non-toxic! Coconut […]

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Feeling tired and sluggish?

Following the heavy meal of Thanksgiving, the fast pace of the Holiday season, and the dropping temps, many are complaining of feeling more fatigued and having to push through the day. First, make sure you are getting plenty of water. 6-8 glasses per day, especially as we all run our heat modalities in our homes […]

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