Throat and Sinus Support for Mask Wearing

Are you getting a stuffy nose, sore throat, or a dry tickling cough since the mask mandate?
In our office, we are getting increasing numbers of complaints in the upper respiratory system that are negative for Covid, but are what I feel are signs of irritation to the airway. My concern: long term exposure and irritation leading to infection.
So, to be preventative and soothe the airway, we are making some suggestions on proactive herbs that could protect your airway from rebreathing your exhaled breath while wearing a mask.

A drop of Lavender essential oil on the inside of the mask may help keep the air contained in your mask a little more clean. Some patients have stated they are using peppermint, but lavender has some healing properties that are quite beneficial.

Herbal Throat Spray from Standard Process. By far, one of my favorite sprays for an irritated throat and has many herbs for treatment and prevention of throat issues. Can be used as many times per day as you need.

Zinc Lozenges. These are very helpful to suck on with an irritated throat and to get zinc slowly and repetitively along your throat and air passageways. Tasty too for the kids to use. Can help quite a bit with that dry tickling cough. Use as many as you need in a day, but heads up, if you use too many on an empty stomach could cause some nausea. Super mild, but if you aren’t quite feeling right, check in with that ratio of food versus zinc.

Nyasa Oil. This is a fabulous oil based blend to treat your nasal passageways each evening. I like to use it right before bed because you are supposed to relax your head back and let the oil sink deep into your nasal passageways. By keeping your nasal tissue lining moist, you will keep it healthy to combat pathogens you are breathing in. It will help keep your nose hairs wiggling!! The goal would be to alleviate the sinus pressure/ imbalance before it becomes infected. A Netti Pot can also be a useful treatment for the nasal passageways prior to using the Nyasa Oil.

Masks may be here for a while, please don’t delay in support where you need it. And do give a call if you are unsure what direction you need help with, or if you want us to save you any of these items. We do carry these in the office, and we are stocked up and ready to go with other preventative vitamins if perchance they go out of stock again with many companies. We will continue to keep you updated on self care that may be beneficial to keep you healthy and well as the Fall and Winter months follow.

Get outside and get some fresh air- take 10 deep cleansing breaths!
Dr. Christine

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