The excruciating pain I felt when first stepping out of bed was gone!

After 4 and a half months of pain and difficulty walking due to plantar fasciitis, I  experienced some improvement from adjustments and assigned exercises, but I was discouraged by the extremely slow progress of healing. It was then, Dr. Christine suggested I try the new laser light treatment rather than getting a cortisone injection.

The light treatment itself is painless. After each treatment the painful areas felt like slight bruises.  After a day or two, I was so surprised at the dramatic improvement! The excruciating pain I felt when first stepping out of bed was gone! I am so amazed!

Initially I had a treatment 2x a week which gave me really dramatic improvement, so much so that I began forgetting my appointment to get another treatment because I was experiencing very little pain.  I then decided to only have a treatment once a week to continue the healing process.  The most dramatic results came with 2x a week.  I have been able to resume normal walking without pain.  I can tell when I overdo it but I am so thrilled to see such dramatic results in about two to three weeks instead of months and months of only minimal improvement.

I also experienced a wonderful surprise!  I had frostbitten my toes when I was a teen and have had numbness in my big toes ever since. After a few light treatments I noticed that the toe on the foot receiving the light treatment was dramatically improved compared to the toe on the foot that did not receive the treatment.    I am really grateful and pleased with the results of this light treatment! I am so excited about the results that I have been telling my neighbors, who finally see me out walking again!

Thank you so much!
Gloria H

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