The Sunshine is Missing!

The cold is coming. The gray skies and cloudy days have been numerous. At the office we are already experiencing many patients who have been sick, their moods are slowly lowering, not sleeping well, and their aches and pains are increasing. What is the common theme? Likely vitamin D.

Having low vitamin D can cause a myriad of symptoms. Low immune system, depression, not sleeping well, aches and pains, bone health, thyroid…. as well as increase your risk for breast and colorectal cancer by 255% (2017 Int. Environment for Public Health).

So you’ll just swing by the store and supplement as much as you can? I wouldn’t suggest that option. Vitamin D is a FAT soluble vitamin, which means you can’t directly urinate it out. The fat has to be converted in the liver, and can cause toxicity and do damage to your kidneys and increase calcium issues if you take too much or your levels get too high.

The best solution is to get a blood test! We have them at the clinic, easy to do. You can ask your doctor to run one. You can get the test for your kids. I have done several for myself and have learned a lot about how my body works through the seasons. Some people ‘hold on’ to their vitamin D levels well, others have it ‘fall’ as the sun goes away or they stop supplementing. The OPTIMAL range is OVER 50. Levels of 60-80 are best. I know, I know….this doesn’t match maybe what your doctor has told you. But I promise, the literature and data supports those levels being optimal for great health.

I do recommend supplementation for all people in Minnesota if your vitamin D level is not optimal. Either that or you need to expose your skin for 1 hour each day to get your skin to convert the sunshine to vitamin D. This IS ideally the best, but I don’t think I’m even going to get that to happen. No sunbathing for me during 20 below days!! You can begin Vitamin D on your own at the level of 2000 IU/ day and that will even decrease your cancer risk by 25%!! (2018, Journal of Molecular Science). We do use higher doses in the clinic, but we like to be in conversation with you about your levels, your goals, and how to use it. Because I like your kidneys and your liver to stay healthy 😉

Please don’t hesitate to begin looking into your vitamin D levels! It could be all the difference between illness and health!

Dr. Christine Schlenker
Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Bodywork

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