Feeling Chaotic? Overwhelmed?

The fall is a season of transition. Transitions can be hard. If we are struggling with keeping centered and balanced with our own bodies, our minds will tend to feel chaotic and overwhelmed. Then all you want to do is stay in bed and pull the covers over you head. Thank you dark nights. The key to helping yourself is often finding rituals. Daily habits.
Morning exercise, devotion and meditation. A thought of gratitude.
A good breakfast to start your day.
A couple deep breaths every hour of your day.
Warm water or tea through your day.
A good book.
A hot bath.
Some lotion or oil on your hands and feet before bed. Stay moisturized.
Find moments of calm with a deep breath.
The more you take care of yourself during seasons of transition, the late winter won’t be so hard on you.

I love using essential oils aromatically through Karolyn’s sprays. The smell is to your brain in two seconds, and can help shift your brain chemistry. I use Angel Wings a lot for patients that may need to feel supported, wrapped in wings of support, or who need to know how good they truly are down deep inside. Adding a favorite verse or affirmation while you breath this in, can change brain pathways with daily repetition in three months.

Let your inner fire glow.
Take care of yourselves.
Take on the day with a grateful heart.

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