Liver Pate anyone?

I’ve gotten a lot of brave souls venturing into eating more liver, and I couldn’t be more happy! Chicken liver, beef liver, pork liver….all loaded with vitamins and minerals to help your own liver balance out.  Craving salt? You just may need to eat some liver, or you may need to be using a variety of salts.  When your liver is needing nourishment, eating liver is one of the most beneficial things you could do for it.  Often farmers have extra, so make sure you ask when you order your meats from your farmers.

The picture with this post is of a new chip I found at Target (Organic Black Bean Quinoa Multigrain Tortilla Chip) that is pretty tasty, but a little on the large side for pate.  It works great with salsa, hummus or a lighter dip, cracks a little too easy for dipping into pate, but is an option.  My favorite cracker for pate is the Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Baked Crackers (cheapest in bulk from Costco).  A dense little cracker that holds up to the pate consistency.  And of course veggies always work for dipping, but there is something for me about the crunch and the salt that goes well with pate.   And really once you apply the pate to a cracker, you don’t eat too many because a few is satisfying and filling.

There is an industry that is making liver into chips as well, ask us and we can get you some info.  But they are pretty plain and can be pretty strong in the liver flavor so here is a liver pate recipe you can make from home.  It’s got some onions and apples in it to help with the flavor, so that is a plus for many. It also freezes somewhat decent. At our house we make smaller batches and freeze some, but I must say that fresh is best and stays creamy compared to the frozen variety. Cheers to eating liver!


PREP: Cold/ just out of the freezer 8 tbsp butter, cut into 1 tbsp portions (to be used later in the food processor at the end of the recipe)


2 tbsp butter melted. Add 2 large shallots or small onion finely chopped

Cook until softened

Add: 1 small golden delicious apple (peeled, cored, grated)

Optional: to add some cooked bacon in here as well, or more apples or more onions to your liking- make the ratio where you like it!

Cook and stir with the onion for 2-3 min

Remove and place in the food processor

NEXT Cooking Process:

1 pound of chicken, beef, or pork liver (of we’ve also done a variety: liver, gizzards, hearts) Trimmed and halved

Saute high heat in 1 tbsp butter with salt and pepper to taste until brown outside and pink inside (about 2 min each side)

Move cooked liver to food processor and add 2 tbsp heavy cream (or coconut cream)

Process until smooth by adding the 8 single COLD TBSP of butter

Place processed contents in glass bowl and into the fridge for 2 hours to firm up

Serve cold or at room temperature

*Can freeze in small batches, but due to the cream content, becomes a little “grittier” and not as smooth when thawed again for consumption


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