If you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on your skin?

What is the largest organ of our body?  OUR SKIN!  

Our skin is very porous; not only sweating out but also taking in what we put on it.  I had read years ago that the average woman gains 5 pounds of toxins each year from applying makeup daily.  Ugh!  And the worst part, these toxins being applied to the skin affect the endocrine system; your metabolism, hormones, nervous system, blood sugar, stress hormones, growth and hugely important in ALL biological processes in the body.

Here is an even bigger stat for you.  1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime.  1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys are identified on the autism spectrum disorder.   Two disease stats alone that should get your attention,  no matter your belief systems in the medical/holistic world or both, is something to be concerned about.

The President’s Cancer Panel has found that only 10% of cancer is genetic.  90% of cancer is then caused by ENVIRONMENTAL factors.  You know what is exciting about that?  YOU CAN CHANGE THAT!

So here’s at least two areas you can improve on today: Bug Spray and Sunscreen.  Read the ingredients list and you are going to find a long list of words that you can read more about if you’d like, but the general idea is many are toxic and endocrine disruptors.  There are plants and natural materials from the earth that can deter bugs and protect us from intense sun rays.



Bug n’ Ticks Be Gone Spray $8 


Ava Anderson Products            2.9 oz 30 spf Sunscreen $15.95

** Great side note: Noticed the expiration date is 2017!!  It lasts!!

(also sunscreen stick, lipbalm and other non- toxic facial products)

Bug Spray: made from natural essential oils (plants and herbs) to deter little irritants from biting your flesh.  There are many studies out there showing that these plants are just as or even more effective than DEET (Vincent Corbel, Study from France).  And, this spray can be used on anyone from your children, elderly, and your pets (not on your cats please).  I keep a bottle by my front porch door and spray everyone down on the way out.  Only ‘downfall’….you may have to reapply in a couple hours in severe conditions.

Sunscreen:  Now here’s a little secret of mine….I like the sunshine.  And as a fellow Minnesotan and doctor, I prescribe being IN the sunshine.  But, there is such as thing as too much sun when you match the crayfish more than your fellow neighbor.   I like to go ‘bare’ so my body can gather all the vitamin D naturally to process it the easiest.  But there are times I do believe sunscreen is needed for intense sun protection; at the pool, at the lake, fishing, when either there is a lot of water contact, no shade, sweat, or glare off a lake.  And especially from 11 am -2 pm, just like Grandma taught you!  Her favorite sunscreen was the shade of a tree or a Hanes white t-shirt (also my favorite, and we are spoiled now with a gazillion cute/handsome choices).  Looking at ingredients in suncreen, there can be anywhere from retinyl palmitate (in presence of sun study has found an increase of skin cancer lesions) to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (pulverized metals that can cross the skin into organs and cause free radicals in skin cells).  This would be another great area to change your purchases this summer to a healthier option for the whole family.

Take care of your skin!  It is the largest organ of your body, and does a lot of work without having a strong self-detoxification system.

Simple rule: if you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on your skin??

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