Hidden Causes to Weight Gain

Holiday celebrating NOT the only reason for weight gain!

Of course overeating at all our family gatherings and holiday parties can cause a lot of weight gain over the course of the next couple of months.  We can blame the cold weather, inactivity, and all the good comfort food, but have any of you thought about the petrochemicals you are potentially exposing yourself to on a daily basis as a metabolism inhibitor??  The cleaning products, skin and hair care, lotions, potions, perfumes, makeup, lip balms, and bubble bath or shower gels, all have the potential to contain harmful chemicals which can disrupt your endocrine and hormone pathways.  Interrupting this pathway can lead to xenoestrogens, which can lead to increased fat storage on your body!  So with gift giving and receiving around the corner, Kendra at Natural Elements, has been working on some clean living products for you to share with your loved ones!  Her gifts are made without ANY CHEMICALS!  She uses organic coconut oil, beeswax, salts, and organic essential oils to complete the product desired.  Below are some ideas, and many can be combined to give the perfect gift of health to your loved one!

Sinus Pack (decongestant rub and sinus relief)

Freshen up Pack (room spray and gentle muscle soak for the tub)

Roll-On Pack (sinus, relaxation, body aches)

Sore Muscle Pack (sore muscle rub, roll away aches, and Muscle soak for the tub)

Relaxation Pack (uplifting room spray, muscle salt soak for the tub, and stress relief roll on)

Prices range from about $10 to $42, any price to fit any need.  


Just chilled since our foot of snow has fallen?

I recommend a hot soak in a bath tub all of the time, and it couldn’t get much better than with some essential oil bath salts, or a nourishing bath soak using MSM, goat’s milk, and salts.  Prices range from $7-10 for a few very nourishing soaks!



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