Five Months Pregnant, Could Hardly Function

After my first visit, I felt like a new person.
A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Christine when I was about five months pregnant. My back and ribs hurt so bad I could hardly function from day to day. The pregnancy was beginning to not be so enjoyable. I had been to other chiropractors before and had no results so I was very skeptical.

At my first appointment I knew right away that she was not like most chiropractors. Dr. Christine sat me down and spoke to me like I was an actual person, not just another patient on her schedule for the day. It was nice to know that the person I was putting my trust in to help me, actually had my best interest at heart.

After my first visit, I felt like a new person. And every appointment after that just got better and better. I was able to enjoy being pregnant again. Finally I could work a full day without being in constant pain. I could sleep a full night and not wake up crying in pain. The results were amazing.
The first half of my pregnancy was wonderful, and Dr. Christine made the second half just as wonderful.

No one should have to be in that much pain during their pregnancy. You should enjoy every day of what you only experience a couple times in your life. No matter how far along you are, whether its your first month or your last, I highly recommend getting regular adjustments. Being pregnant is uncomfortable the way it is, why would you want to be more miserable than you have to be? Dr. Christine at Natural Elements Health Center can help you enjoy every single day of this wonderful time.

Devon Baker

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