Corporate America Invades your Supplements

Hey Folks!
I just received the message below from Greg Peterson, the Owner of NutriDyn. NutriDyn has been in business since 1973 and is located in Maple Plain, Minnesota.

What a relief I have in knowing I am prescribing quality supplements that stay in a small business supporting so many families. The NutriDyn company truly supports us, and in turn, helps us support you. THANK YOU for purchasing from NutriDyn and in that way, supporting us as a small business.

Taking the opportunity to invest in quality supplements through us helps pay for the time I spend with you, writing emails or answering questions, and all those moments I spend reading and searching for better answers and education for you.

Thank you all for your continued support from a company we trust!
– Dr. Christine

Hello friends….

I ran across this research recently (see the graphic above) showing how many huge multi-billion dollar corporations,
1) own many of the professional nutrition companies,
2) you support when you buy their products.
Large corporations tend to be more profit than product focused.
Add to this group Thorne Research owned by the mega corporation, Mitsui.

NutriDyn is a 3rd generation family owned nutrition supplement company that will always remain product quality focused. You have my word as a NutriDyn co-founder with my brother Dave in 1973, we will continue to serve you as a family….bringing the finest, innovative, and effective nutritional supplements to you and your patients!

Yours in Health,
Greg Peterson

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