Sept 19-27th HOURS!

Hey Friends! A quick shout out to be patient with me (Dr. Christine) for the week of September 19th-27th (Monday through the following Tuesday).  Jeannie will be out of the office during that time, and with being a small business, staffing can be tricky, so I will be taking limited appointments for the week to manage it all. I will be returning all calls, texts and emails as soon as I can between patient visits. If you are picking up supplements, I will be there but you may have to wait for me to pop out of a room. Hang tight.

ADULT NEW PATIENT appointments are booked out until the end of October, if you are inquiring or considering using the remaining HSA/FSA moneys you may have. Please plan ahead if becoming a new patient is of interest to you, we book very quickly in the fall season for this reason.   If you have a newborn or a child that needs more immediate attention as a new patient, we can often squeeze those into the schedule, so please reach out if you need assistance. We are doing our best, but joints on the doc have limited ability before they get painful, repetitive use catches up to us all!

Thank you all for your continued support of our small business.

Please reach out if you need anything, immune building season is upon us!

320-983-2333 Call or Text


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