Monday Dec 11th Yoga and Singing Bowls

Please join us if you can! 

We know it may be last minute for many, details finally came together.  Dr. Christine at Natural Elements along with Katie and Melissa from Sacred Moon are joining forces to provide our community with a time to take a moment, breath, and reset your nervous system.

We will start the night off with some gentle yoga asana (body movement) with Dr. Christine to prepare our bodies to sit and rest for the meditation and singing bowl portion of the night.  No experience necessary; movements will be made accessible for all! Please bring a yoga mat or towel to use ( We do have a couple of extra if you don’t have anything).  Blocks and other props will be provided.

Then we will be led by Melissa in some journaling prompts to focus where our minds have been taking us and where we are going.  Please bring a journal or paper and pen.  The upcoming New Moon has some good energy to set our intentions straight. 

Katie will then begin her singing bowl session.  For this you will want to get comfortable and really experience the sound moving through your body.  If you have not experienced singing bowls yet, wow.  It’s something you can’t describe. Bring a pillow, possibly a blanket (we don’t know the temperature of the Gorecki Community Center yet in Winter!).  The idea is to make yourself comfortable for the therapy to do it’s work while you bath in the vibration of sound.

Please consider joining us!  We look forward to hosting the event.  If you can’t make it to this one, but have interest in us continuing with this type of event, please leave a comment, email us, or give us a call.  Feedback is much appreciated!! Take care of yourselves in this season, wishing you all well. 

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