The sale ends THIS FRIDAY at NOON!!

Solay salt lamps

We are still offering 20% off until noon this Friday, July 3rd! This includes supplements, essential oil diffusers, Organo Coffee, Dandy Blend and our Salt Lamps!!

We have new salt lamps with new colors, not only are they amber colored. Now we have a white and grey!  Each lamp is unique and has its own size and shape. We sell them at Natural Elements on average between $25-$40.

**Negative ions bond to the positive ions helping to clean the air.

Salt Lamps do require a heat source to give off negative ions (light bulb). We have 15 watt light bulbs for your lamp, and it also comes with a dimmer cord! Not the biggest fan of the color? Switch the white light bulb out with a red or blue light to change it up a bit.

Is your old salt lamp sweating or seeming wet?

Salt is hygroscopic. This means that it attracts water to its surface and the water evaporates quickly due to the heat from the light source. Negative ions are generated during the evaporation process as well.

Its a great gift opportunity or to stock up on supplements for the rest of the summer months!!!!