Metagenics ImmuCore & UltraFlora Probiotics

What is a Probiotic?

Learn about Probiotics and how they can help you.  It is also a great time to give them a try.  Probiotics are 20% off through August!  What is a probiotic?  It is a live microorganism; a beneficial bacteria. We need bacteria to break things down, ferment our food. Think of worms and compost, they help break things […]

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Healthy Transformation – All Protein 20% Off in May!

Ever wonder why you are working out consistently & your weight isn’t changing? Need a boost? Ask us for some help: Diet, Meals, Workouts, Protein… Healthy Transformation Kit- Designed to Stimulate Fat Loss Retain Lean Muscle Nutritional Recommendations Exercise Recommendations 12 week program Average Weight Loss: 23.9 lbs Increased Energy & Vitality Tools for Monitoring […]

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