Sneezing? Coughing? Stock Up – 20% Off!

Stock Up – 20% Off!

Sneezing Allergies Natural Elements Health 

Looking for Allergy Relief? 
Time to Stock Up! 20% OFF! 

Allergy Products Sale
September 1 thru 30, 2016

  • Allqlear (for children and adults, try a sample today!) 
  • Allergy Pro (capsule). Both of these supplements have been shown to reduce eye irritation, runny nose, and general allergy symptoms.

We also have lavender and peppermint essential oil to apply topically, as well as other essential oil needs.* (*essential oils not included in sale)

And don’t forget!! A chiropractic adjustment can help clear your sinuses and boost your immune system! Call for an appointment with Dr. Christine @ 320-983-2333. 

Strengthen your Immune System! 
20% OFF!

Immune System Boosters
September 1 thru 30, 2016 

School is starting back up and you will be sending your kids back into the petri dish of life! Boost their immune system from the inside out to keep them healthy! 

  1. Probiotics- all kinds! Including a fabulous tasting chewable for your kids! 
  2. Children’s Immune Health, ImmuCore and Immune Health 
  3. Vitamin D- all kinds! We’ve got gel cap, liquid, and a even a gummy! 

And again, don’t forget to get your kids power turned back on with a chiropractic adjustment! Nothing is stronger than a strong gut and a strong spine! 

NEW Patients Special Pricing through Sept 30, 2016 

Massage with Rachel
An Hour and a half massage for $90!, that’s $20 off.
Call us @ 320-983-2333 to make an appointment with Rachel.